“Hope For All”

Our Children.

Our Community.

Our Future.

What is an Optimist? Well, simply put, optimists rescue pessimists. Optimism enhances our health, the health of our communities, and the well-being of all. Through community service projects, optimists work to bring out the best in youth, in themselves and in their communities. They are organized into “clubs” that have gatherings. They make plans in order to meet the the needs of their community. Each club is autonomous and is run by their own members. They have the flexibility to serve the youth of their area in any way they see fit. Optimists see a need and react to it!

2019 – 2020 Slogan

Welcome to the Optimist 2019-20 year. I am excited to be working with you as your Governor this year and believe that together we can make a difference in our communities and in our youth. My slogan for this year is “Hope for All.” There is hope for reaching all the youth in the lower peninsula; there is hope for improving ourselves; there is hope for improving our communities; there is hope for working together toward a common good. My professional career was dedicated to serving children and families and that’s clearly where my passion lies. But never have I had the satisfaction that I have when I work with and for the youth in my community. Our Mighty Michigan members have given me the opportunity to serve and I feel committed and blessed!

Pamela Barckholtz
Michigan District Governor

Be an Optimist Volunteer

Bring out the best in …


We offer a variety of programs including Junior Optimists Clubs, Junior Golf, Scholarship Contests – to name a few!


Engage in leadership, fellowship, training, events and discover a sense of belonging.


Organize service projects to meet the needs in your area for local schools, parks, hospitals…making the future brighter for our kids!

2nd Quarter A & A Report

Hi everyone,

I hope this finds you well; I know these are difficult times. I consider myself fortunate that as an Optimist I have the creed to guide my way.

I have communicated with Governor Pam and we decided that for this quarter we will do the essay portion of A&A only. The form can be downloaded using the button below. We would like to get information from as many clubs as possible regarding how their club is handling social distancing and the inability to have traditional meetings, and if you are still able to do any projects. Once we have received the information we will share that not only with the district leadership, but also with each person on the A&A email list. In other words if you receive the form to fill out, you will also receive a summary of the answers from all the clubs.

Thank you all for helping us gather this information. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

Yours in Optimism,

Jeanette Meyer
A&A District Chairperson


News & Updates

OptiViews 2019-20 Q3 is Available

OptiViews 2019-20 Q3 is Available

We are almost 3,000 strong and we will not be stopped! As Optimists, we are “so strong that nothing can disturb our peace of mind” and we practice “pressing on to the greater achievements.” In this challenge that no one could have...

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Awards & Achievements Report 2nd Quarter 19-20

Awards & Achievements Report 2nd Quarter 19-20

Email Me Jeanette Myers AandA@MichiganOptimists.orgI am happy to be serving this year as the Michigan District Chairperson for Achievements and Awards. I have been working with Governor Pam to restructure the A&A report in order to streamline portions and also to...

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Healthy Mitten – 2020

Healthy Mitten – 2020

We are Optimists and we will do whatever we can to bring out the best in youth, our communities and ourselves. Beginning in April we have a new program to instill positive and healthy habits in our youth, our community and ourselves. It is …

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The Michigan District is interested in hearing from you. Whether you’re a parent of a student, a teacher, a youth volunteer or even an Optimist looking for more information, please use the form below and someone from the Michigan District Optimists will contact you. Be as concise as possible in the Message area.

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