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OptiViews 2023-24 Q3 is Available

by | Mar 29, 2024 | OptiViews

Quarter 3 Membership Challenge
April 1-June 30

OI New Member Registration Fee Waived
March 1-May 31

District Award for Top 3 Clubs
in Members Added thru June 30

Explore Your Community
Meet New Friends
Grow Optimism

Are you shopping and dining within 3 miles of your home? Are you struggling to connect with new people, programs and places in your community? Me, too! But not anymore. Here’s why.

I’ve made a commitment to connect with my community weekly from April-June. Exploring my community will open doors to connection, growth, and enrichment. Whether it’s getting to know my neighbors, discovering small businesses, or attending community events, there’s so much to see when I look with new eyes.

Engaging with my community fosters a sense of belonging. From volunteering at events or taking a stroll in a new neighborhood, every interaction can deepen my understanding and appreciation of the people and places in my community.

I challenge members to step out of your comfort zone and explore your community by taking a couple of hours in April, May and June to make meaningful connections in your community.

You never know what optimistic folks you might find or the impact you could make by being an active participant in the world right outside your doorstep.

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson

Linda Thompson

Michigan District Governor

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