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2023 Berry Kauffold Scholarship Winners

by | Jun 13, 2023 | Berry Kauffold Scholarship

vincent wang rotated

Vincent Wang
Manistee High School

garrett brockman

Garrett Brockman
North Farmington High School

lillian erickson rotated

Lillian Erickson
North Farmington High School

The Berry & Kauffold Music Scholarship was designed to help students continue their musical pursuit in High School and ideally beyond.  The scholarship is open to ninth through eleventh grade students in good standing with their High Schools Instrumental Music Department.  The award is to be used by the student(s) for summer camp, private lessons or the purchase of an instrument or to purchase an upgraded instrument.

Information was promoted through Michigan District emails and website.  Instrumental music teachers were contacted by email. We hoped Optimists would forward the information to their local teachers.  Being the first year of this scholarship we expected a low response.  I’m not sure how many local teachers were contacted.

This year we had three students complete all the necessary requirements; an application, a teacher’s recommendation, and a video/audio performance to demonstrate their skill level.

The students are from North Farmington High School, Manistee High School and Farmington High School.  

The winners are: Vincent Wang, horn, from Manistee HS, winning $1000., Garrett Brockman, viola, from North Farmington HS, winning $800. and Lillian Erickson, violinist winning $200.

Hopefully, this scholarship will grow in participants as the years go on.


Debra Berry
Michelle Kauffold 

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