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by | Jan 23, 2020 | OptiViews

We are about SERVICE. Service to our communities, service to youth and families, service to first responders and others who enforce the law, service to our veterans, and service to seniors who may be vulnerable. Our more than 90 clubs are engaged in service and this highlights just one service event by one of those clubs. The Educators Optimist Club of Detroit was only formed in 2017, but they are already reaching way beyond their neighborhoods. This past holiday season they served dinner to the families who are using the Ronald McDonald house near Children’s Hospital in Detroit. Their connection with these families helped to provide hope for them in many ways!

So many great things happening this year in the Michigan District that it is hard to summarize all of them, but I continue to be incredibly proud of your service in your communities. The 87000 children being served are experiencing a positive light in their life outside school or family. This gives them HOPE and I think that theme should be resonating with you by now. “The Power of Hope” was the theme for the Rose Bowl parade, and Optimist International proudly presented a float with Rotary to show that “Hope Connects the World.” The dignity and respect that hope provides is being promoted globally through these two large service organizations. I’m proud of you and I hope you are proud of you too!

All people matter and there is hope for all. With hope we can aspire to do better for others and see others in a very different and positive light. There is hope for all of us!

Pam Barckholtz

Pamela Barckholtz

Michigan District Governor

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