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OptiViews 2019-20 Q4 is Available

by | Aug 24, 2020 | OptiViews

We began the year with lofty goals, and, as tough as it was, it is not a surprise to me that we met many of our goals. As President Adrian’s star model was our guide, we certainly met our “S” goals in that we continued to serve and we found new ways to serve our communities in this difficult Covid19 environment.

Our “T” goals represent the training that has been offered and there have been many opportunities to offer President and Secretary/Treasurer training, hearing from our Past International President Michel Listenberger, and Certified International Trainer Fatima Plater. We have also taken a hard look at our similarities and differences including a special presentation from Dr. Robert Ortega of the University of Michigan on “Being and Caring with Humility.” We have been lucky enough to have an OI representative at both live conferences we held this year. Vice President Teri Davis came to the first conference to talk about Membership Retention and then shared the stage with our own Fatima Plater to talk about how similar we are even though we cover a wide age span. And International President Adrian Elcock came from Barbados to our second conference to share his vision for the District and for the organization as a whole. Our Virtual Convention will include at least 3 international representatives. And, we will launch the first Michigan Leadership Academy with a Past International President Ken Garner and President-elect Patsy Garner, as well as Past Governor Paul Gudmundson, and Past Governor/Past OI Foundation President Karen Monville.

Our “A” goals were met as we took advisement from a Zone Realignment Committee, our Long-Range Plan was dusted off and re-worked, and we have 7 Policy Proposals to consider at our Board Meeting this year.

Retention has been a challenge for us this year, so we have some work to do to meet our “R” goals. I have hope!

What a pleasure it has been to work with so many exceptional people who do exceptional things for an exceptional organization in many kinds of exceptional ways. The Michigan District will rise because we are lifting others!

Pam Barckholtz

Pamela Barckholtz

Michigan District Governor

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