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by | Dec 30, 2020 | OptiViews

Are you a bouncer? No – I’m not talking about
someone who works as a security guard or at
the door of your local watering hole, but someone
who bounces back easily. As in pick yourself up
and get back on the horse! Someone who feels real
emotions and is also RESILIENT and moving forward
– just like we all have been during this year’s
challenging first quarter – I thank each and every
one of you for your RESILIENCE while we continue to
stay safe and be healthy.

While we wait for the current restrictions to lift, we
are storing up Optimist Energy and we should be
preparing to Bounce Back. Are you taking advantage
of the ‘down time’ to reconnect virtually and to get to
know each other in new and diverse ways? We are
all striving to wrap our heads around the way our
world has changed, how we can benefit from it and
how we will evolve into it.

Are you preparing to execute a new and exciting plan
for your Optimist club? Are you having meaningful
conversations NOW as to what those plans look like?

I have struggled with all of you as you work hard to
normalize your clubs. We will get there! Bouncing
back involves a ‘re-entry’ into the community and
into the schools, on a date not too far from now. I
remind myself in times like these that I made the
choice for Optimism – for the kids, for my hometown
and for myself.

My desire to serve has become even more intense
as I am aware that the children need us more than
ever. They need to return to knowing that Optimists
are available and visible in their world. We have the
resources to give to our youth and we need to get
ready to bounce back!

I encourage you and your Optimist club to prepare
for the day – we will be back in business and we
will be impacting youth, much like we did before
Covid 19. Happiness is just around the corner
and expecting it gives us much to look forward to!
Choose Optimism in everything you do – the benefits
are endless!


debra berry scaled

Debra Berry

Michigan District Governor

I thank each and every one of you for your RESILIENCE while we continue to stay safe and be healthy.

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